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Nuclear Waste
Nuclear Waste

VJ Technologies (VJT) is a leader in designing and constructing high-energy X-ray protection facilities for the nuclear industry.
VJT provides services and equipment specifically for national clean-up and remediation of low radioactive nuclear waste. Our services cover various inspection applications, such as castings for land-based turbine engines and nuclear power plant construction.
VJT provides mobile laboratory services for nuclear identification. Our technology permeates very high-density materials, including concrete and 16 inch thick metal. This ability helps to perform X-ray inspection verification on newly constructed materials and components of nuclear facilities.
VJT also provides systems and services for the nuclear industry to identify low-level radioactive waste (LLW) and transuranic waste (TRU) before disposal.
The VJT solution uses high-resolution NDE ray technology to inspect and characterize the composition of drum and box contents, and provides detailed images and analysis.
VJT leverages its expertise in complex technology integration to provide technology based solutions and services to the global nuclear industry. Inspection and quality inspection are important components of nuclear facility construction.
In addition to inspection services and equipment, VJT's high-energy equipment is widely used for various radiation exposure testing requirements. We can strictly control the dose rate to replicate specific exposure levels and achieve cumulative dose rate. This helps accelerate the lifecycle testing of components used in environments where radiation levels are crucial.
VJT provides on-site repair technology and equipment development services, as well as the design, construction, and full-scale cold testing of repair equipment and systems.

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