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X-ray imaging acquisition and analysis software
Vi3 is a customizable software platform that supports both direct and customized X-ray imaging and control solutions

Characteristics of VI3

● Hardware control

● Image enhancement and analysis

● Archive

● Image acquisition

● Form a report

● Docking with MES system


Advanced Defect Enhancement (ADE) Filter Image

Vi3 provides fully configurable control for various aspects of the entire workflow, including motion control, image acquisition, analysis, and archiving.

Designed for scalability

The Vi3, designed for scalability, can easily interact with most industrial grade X-ray sources, detectors, and workpiece manipulation devices, thereby expanding your hardware choices.

The modular design of Vi3 allows you to easily add options and features. Vi3 has three-level password protection, making it highly secure.

Vi3 provides maximum flexibility through an open architecture that has numerous interfaces for external integration, such as PLC and database servers. It is also compatible with DICONDE and can deploy multiple data collection and review stations at the enterprise level.

If the process in your location has changed, you can adjust Vi3 to modify the workflow or processing logic. This greatly reduces the necessity of rewriting code, and even in some cases, there is no need to rewrite code. When tasks such as image capture, operator inspection, and/or ADR analysis run synchronously, the throughput of individual system artifacts can be maximized.

All castings with reference radiography displayed in VJT's Vi3 software:

All X-ray reference photos of castings are displayed in VJT's Vi3 software

Advanced image processing programs, such as Advanced Defect Enhancement (ADE), Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR), and other modular features, can automate the inspection process, maximizing throughput and quality. This feature helps to improve employee safety and reduce the risk to product users.

ADR automatic defect recognition

ADR Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) includes post-processing of images for automatic detection of defects in pre programmed regions of interest. Using ADR proprietary imaging software to evaluate analog and digital radiographic data without operator intervention. The region of interest (ROI) is pre programmed using the obtained digital radiographic data. Then, the software analyzes the defects in each designated area and provides statistical process control data, which can be configured to automatically alert quality process personnel when non-conforming materials or process deviations exceed programming levels. Automatic defect recognition can improve the quality of manufacturers through repeatable and objective inspection to obtain images (top), ADR enhanced images (bottom), and improvement processes, but it can also increase productivity by reducing labor. ADR combines the X-ray examination process with machine vision. X-ray penetration products, imaging systems generate images for evaluation, machine vision automatically analyzes images and decision-making processes.

Vi3 image processing

From better data to better analysis and then to better components

Digital X-ray images can generate over 65000 grayscale levels. This presents unique challenges for data analysis and interpretation. Traditional film imaging requires shooting multiple films at different energies, film speeds, and exposure times, and interpreting them on a lightbox to display all the details of the inspected part. By contrast, our digital images capture more data, full spectrum images, to improve operations and enhancement. VJT image processing and enhancement technology can more effectively solve the problem of image cracking. Some unique modular filters developed by VJT include:

Advanced Defect Enhancement (ADE) filters:

Use proprietary algorithms to analyze individual X-ray images pixel by pixel, highlighting anomalies and defects based on surrounding areas.

原始图像/ ADE 图像

对比度和亮度拉伸/ ADE图像




原始图像 / ADE 图像









Obtain images of pipe fittings defining regions of interest for ADR                                               ADR identifies defects through area measurement  

This is just a sample of the specialized filter provided by VJ Technologies. If you have any special requirements, please contact us.

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