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By utilizing VJT's high-energy X-ray solution, it is easy to inspect large, heavy, or high-density materials.

Examining high-density and heavy-duty materials requires powerful VJ technology - high-energy digital radiography (DR) and computed tomography (CT) solutions. For over a decade, we have been committed to providing the best image for the industry. The high-energy consumption systems and detection services we provide to end users allow you to see things that others cannot see. Unlike other X-ray suppliers, VJT has multiple specialized high-energy equipment that can operate day and night to meet customer needs.

Our high-energy X-ray solution can provide up to 15 mev of energy, simplifying the inspection of heavy and high-density materials. By combining our Vi3 software and ADE (Advanced Defect Enhancement) filters, we can produce the industry's most superior image quality.

Our high-energy X-ray solution meets all relevant global industry standards. Whether internally or on-site, only VJT can provide the best solution to meet the specific needs of your program.

Installing Large Valves (DR) in High Energy Laboratories                                                      High energy imaging (DR) of valves

The ability to operate worldwide

Our global layout and perspective have given us a deeper understanding of subtle cultural differences, and our experts from all over the world ensure that you receive the best support no matter where you are.

For feasibility testing and rapid turnover, we provide high-energy testing services in Long Island, New York and East Harbor, Connecticut.

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VJT's High Energy Facility in East Port, Connecticut

VJT provides customized solutions for each unique customer application. No two customers have the same needs. Each application has unique requirements. Our laboratory combines rigorous testing with decades of engineering and design experience in each field, and VJT creates ideal solutions to perfectly meet project requirements. We have comprehensive hardware and services, and utilize our professional knowledge and relationships to choose the right combination of radiation sources and detectors to perfectly meet project requirements.

A heavy lifting hook was installed in the laboratory                                            High energy images of hooks

We address the biggest challenge (case study)

Axial CT images of thrusters

As part of our leading philosophy, Siemens Energy and VJ Technologies jointly wrote a white paper at an industry conference, detailing the premature and often catastrophic failures of gas turbines used for energy generation. After discontinuing use and returning for refurbishment, VJT determined that the turbine blades were the root cause of the malfunction. Read the entire white paper here.

When a leading energy supplier in the United States wanted to reduce the cost of their ongoing on-site splicing project, they approached VJ Technologies. Previously, if they needed to inspect the interior of pipelines for evaluation, they would use X-ray film and radioactive isotopes. VJT can provide a high-energy X-ray imaging solution that can provide four times the number of images in the same time, with higher quality and lower cost. Read the entire case study here.

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