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Digital Radiography (DR)
Real time high-energy imaging, high-resolution microfocal imaging and more effects


Digital X-ray images can generate over 65000 grayscale levels.

Our digital images capture more data, including full spectrum images, to improve operations and enhance image effects. VJT's image processing and enhancement capabilities can more effectively solve the problem of image decoding.

Advanced Defect Enhancement (ADE) enhances the contrast and brightness of digital X-ray images, optimizes clarity and clarity, while reducing operator fatigue.

Enhanced images instantly display almost all discontinuities, eliminating the need for operator adjustments.

By shortening inspection time and improving the continuity of operator decisions, costs have been reduced.

Through optimized image enhancement, the detection quality has been greatly improved.

This filter integrates ADE and detail preservation, while reducing noise, resulting in a higher signal-to-noise ratio, greatly improving contrast and detail visibility for all images.

ADR specialized imaging software is used to evaluate analog and digital radiographic data without operator intervention.

When unqualified materials or process deviations exceed the program control level, the software can automatically issue an alarm to quality process personnel.

X-ray penetration products, imaging systems generate images for evaluation, machine vision automatically analyzes images and decision-making processes.

DR Digital Radiography: A Brief History

Radiography has gone through three main stages of development: film based, computed radiography (CR), and digital radiography (DR).

Radiography initially used film as a medium for X-ray images. The film must be developed and then read on the lightbox. Later computer radiography used image boards, which first scanned the information obtained onto a computer and then analyzed it. Digital radiography bypasses all of these technologies. A digital detector (typically a flat panel detector [FPD] or a linear diode array [LDA]) is connected to a computer, where images can be displayed without the need for peripheral devices.



The multiple advantages of DR:

Digital radiography has many advantages. It provides real-time image preview and real-time image processing and enhancement, wider dynamic range, greater tolerance for overexposure or underexposure, without the need to scan expensive film. DR can also achieve:

By providing a lower exposure length, the operation speed is several times faster than the film;

By capturing a larger range of thickness in a single shot, the number of shots required due to the sensitivity of the equipment is reduced;

More details can be seen through higher resolution. VJT uses 16 bit image acquisition to provide 65000 grayscale levels, while traditional film only has 256 grayscale levels;

Reduce personnel requirements through automation and simplification of defect identification processes;

Wide and large overlapping image stitching.

Pioneers in digital radiography:

DR displays a wider latitude in a single image;

VJT has a longer history of providing DR solutions and a greater number of digital integrations than any other company in the world. But we believe that our lead is just beginning. Our X-ray 2.0 product is built on our innovative and proprietary Vi3 software, reducing typical inspection time by up to 50%. Our detection software has powerful image processing capabilities, such as ADR (Automatic Defect Recognition), which allows our customers to automatically evaluate analog and digital radiographic data without operator intervention, requiring less manual time.

Calculate the return on investment (ROI) of DR

Even though DR is becoming increasingly common, the misconception that its upfront cost is higher still exists. In fact, DR is a more economical technology. The following is the calculation of the return on investment (ROI) for an actual customer (rounded to three years of depreciation):


Annual savings: $319867; The entire upgrade cost was paid off in 3.9 months, with a one-year return on investment of 312%.

The more you know about DR, the more advantages it will have. When you are ready to use it, please contact VJ Technologies.


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